Broadmead Real Estate

Broadmead is a unique community which has resulted in exceptional Real Estate appreciation over the past 40 years. The restrictive covenants and local bylaws maintain a high quality community.


Building scheme restrictions on most properties in Broadmead prohibit advertising signs except real estate “for sale” signs meeting particular specifications.

To meet these restrictions, real estate agents who list properties for sale in the Broadmead area need to obtain signs from Pacific Posts VI. Pacific Posts can be contacted by e-mail at: or by telephone at: 250-588-2102
If selling privately, homeowners can obtain ‘For Sale by Owner’ signs from Pacific Posts VI.

Broadmead properties have statutory building scheme restrictions which limit homes to single-family use only and these generally prohibit the secondary rental suites They also prohibit parking RVs on driveways.

Please e-mail BARA: for any questions regarding these restrictions.

Garden Suites

Garden suites are detached dwellings located in the rear yard of a property with a single-family house as its principal use.

The municipality of Saanich will now permit a garden suite on most single family residential (RS-zoned) properties inside the Saanich sewer service area. However, property owners need to be aware of other restrictions on their properties.

Almost all properties in the Broadmead area have pre-existing statutory building schemes on title that prohibit more than one dwelling unit (for one family or household) on any property. While Saanich will issue a building permit for garden suites (after providing a simple warning to applicants to check their title to ensure such suites are allowed), if a building scheme restriction is on title, landowners building such structures – even if they have a Saanich-issued building permit — leave themselves open to possible legal action from neighbours in the same building scheme. 

Saanich Tree Policy

BARA defers to the District of Saanich in all matters concerning the removal of trees. Broadmead, like all of Saanich, is subject to the Saanich tree preservation bylaw recently amended.

Please see this article from the Saanich News

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