BroadMead Area Residents' Association

Volunteer members of the Broadmead Area Residents’ Association (BARA) work hard to promote or co-ordinate activities that enhance the well-being and character of this unique community


Volunteer members of the Broadmead Residents’ Association (BARA) work hard to promote or co-ordinate activities that enhance the well-being and character of this unique community. BARA is committed to:

Safeguard green space, parks, and trails.
•  Provide information to help residents maintain Broadmead as a neighbourhood of single family and townhouse strata homes with a “harmony with nature” connection with trees and the natural environment as a key community design feature.
•  Address traffic safety issues within the community.
•  Provide summer music concerts featuring local musicians.
•  Co-sponsor an annual Community Day at Broadmead Village highlighting local, non-profit organizations.
•  Organize, in co-operation with other community associations, all- candidates’ meetings prior to elections.
•  Act as liaison with the District of Saanich on behalf of residents concerning current and future community requirements.
•  Maintain a community news bulletin board at Broadmead Village.
•  Produce and distribute the BARA Bugle.
•  Be an active member of SCAN (Saanich Community Association Network).

Bara's Mission

To provide advice, guidance, and assistance to residents on covenant- related matters which have an impact on the use and general appearance of properties within the community.
• Ensure only approved signage is used throughout the community.

BARA’s Board of Directors meets each month (except July and August) to discuss issues of concern to members and residents of the Broadmead community. Directors are elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.

BARA Membership

BARA – your active community association – safeguards the aesthetic beauty of Broadmead’s naturalistic setting. BARA assists residents who let us know if they have a concern regarding neighbours who might not have respected the legally binding restrictions which have been placed on their property, or who are making property changes which are not consistent with the architectural vision of the community.
     BARA appreciates your support as it publicizes and maintains the property restrictions which prohibit the parking of recreational or commercial vehicles or trailers in driveways and prohibit the operation of secondary rental suites.
     We have great neighbours, lots of parkland and a sense of pride in our neighbourhood. All of these, and more, make Broadmead a very desirable place to live! If you need to renew your membership, or have not already become a member, use this convenient on-line form.
     Your valuable support is appreciated.

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